Hi! Welcome to my page!


welcome to my little page on the world wide web!!
about me:
- i go by a lot of names!! but most people call me blinx.
- they/he, my neopronouns are on my pronouny though!
- im a minor.
- my personality type is entp, and i am an enneagram 7.
- my ethnicity is persian.
- i am non-binary, ace, and gay!
if you cant tell from this website, i LOVE neopets. my other fandoms include:
- vocaloid
-sam and max
- five nights at freddys
- littlest pet shop
- danganronpa
some other things i like:
- dogs and cats
- beanie babies
- webcore, scenecore, rainbowcore
- sony aibo
- animatronics
- computery stuff!!

i kin a lot of characters too!! most of these are for coping, i dont mind doubles :) however no doubles for kagamine len please, as he is above selfhood and i am him irl!!
- alien aisha (neopets)
- blinx the time sweeper
- redtail (warrior cats)
- tails prower (sonic)
- max (sam & max)
- party pup (dash tag)
- eve (wall-e)
- beach bear (rock-afire explosion)
- shuichi saihara (danganronpa)
- elsword (elsword)
- dogkin
- catkin
- sony aibo kin

all of my kins are huge comfort characters for me as well!! i also really like robots, computers, dogs and cats, and neopets ^_^ anything to do with my interests are also big comforts!

however, i do have my limits. some people i dont want interacting with me include:
- ns///fw accounts
- people over 23
- people who dont support neopronouns, he/him lesbians, etc.
- ace/aro exclusionists
- people named lauren
- people who are only here to make fun of my interests

please tag these things as they correlate to my trauma and stress me out:
- ns///fw of any kind
- suicide
- dereality
- the name lauren
- enid from ok ko
- abusive relationships
- age gaps
- trypophobia
- long distance travel

i know its a bit of a silly thing to have so many "old" and childish interests nowadays but please dont make fun of me for them!!! they make me happy.

Are JubJubs clever?

Noooooo!!!! Aishas are much smarter!!!

thats all i have to say!! if you wanna say hi anytime,
drop me a neomail: iamblinx :)